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Maden Technologies' suite of Portal Services, available to all of our clients, offers reliability, transparency, real-time project reporting, interactive web services, security, and cost savings.

We have teamed with PurplePace International, LLC, to launch a business-to-business (B2B) portal solution to improve the program management and overhead costs of professional services firms. Our Portal Solution is a secure, web-based tool that delivers virtual access to corporate resources. It increases the visibility of all project activities by delivering a cradle-to-grave accounting of the entire project while improving communications between the team and its client.


Additional benefits of our portal:

  • A firm's back office labor and operations costs are reduced through online program management, automated financial monitoring and reporting, and advanced acquisition services. Additional back office cost reduction results from automating labor intensive tasks such scheduling, task order management, and professional time utilization and timekeeping. Other features include HR sourcing, document retrieval, and data mining.
  • Program management is improved through interactive development of cost baseline information, and task order tracking information related to funding, burn rates, and burn rate projections.
  • Financial management and reporting is enhanced through invoice and payment tracking. Trial and final invoice posting and review ensures the accuracy of invoicing in relation to time accounting and transactions of contract direct costs. Other features support: budget versus actual information, by delivering time accounting and cost tracking of task orders; reports on budget versus actual contract costs and estimates; and overall contractor budget versus actual costs and staff utilization.

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