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For more than 20 years, Maden Technologies has been a leader in this developing and challenging field. Our staff and capabilities have evolved from the early days of the U.S. Army Defense Messaging System (DMS), through the nascent phase of the Fortezza Card, to the full implementation of the Smart Card, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and Biometric technologies.

Our full array of Cyber Security services includes:

  • Logical Security. Use of authentication and biometrics to ensure only authorized users can access or alter information on a network. Includes user ID and password access, authentication, access rights, and authority levels.
  • Information Assurance. Our solutions create a unified trusted environment; services include Biometrics, C&A, PKI, and HSPD-12.
  • Identity Management. Ensuring the right people are given access to the right information and physical spaces at the right time.

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